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Infant Formula from Spain available for Moms in USA

Pharcomed Corp is working vigorously to help mothers access healthy infant formula despite the nationwide shortage due to the closure of one of the nation’s main manufacturers, Abbott Laboratories. 

We will shortly begin distributing various infant formula options including special formulas produced in Spain by a laboratory with more than 75 years specializing in infant food and nutrition. 

They have been a pioneer in the introduction of innovative products in the Spanish market, such as the first hydrolyzed porridge, the first special foods for the treatment of digestive disorders, the first gluten-free porridge and the first special formula.

In order to provide mothers with the best option for their babies, we ensure that their products follow the FDA safety requirements. These include the review of nutritional and safety information, including microbiological testing, labeling, as well as details about facility production and inspection history.  

For more information regarding the various infant formulas, availability and purchasing information, contact us: or call +1.954.927.0066.

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